Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Make the logo bigger!

LOL. This is funny. "Make the Logo Bigger"check it out. As designers we must educate potential employers on art direction. The need to hire a designer is for their creative design skills to do the job you do not have the ability or time for. A designer will bring attention to the issues at hand. Whatever the issues may be, the client should be aware of this. Let the designer get you, the client, the attention you want. Designers are problem solvers and not only artists. A designer will bring attention to the issues at hand; they look for the details that others might overlook. This will let you focus on what you do best freeing up time for what they do best. Designers still need direction to get you the results you need. A skilled graphic artist will ask the right questions. They will detail and outline what the client is looking for to produce a rewarding outcome. Thus a designer is a specialist in communication.

After all, a final design in essence is a signpost for a company or institution. The logo represents a reason for the marketing and a reference for the end target. The designer addresses the issues and conveys them in a graphical format.

If you do not have faith in your designer then perhaps it is time for a change. This is, as intended more for designers, and funny. I laughed, enjoy.

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  1. I was a little confused as to what was so funny until after I read your entire post and then saw a link at the very end. I wonder if those guys got paid to do that video.

    So, for us laymen, why is bigger not necessarily better? In your BM logo above, the biggest one is the best one, as it's the only way I can read the last line of text.

  2. Book Wookie - I edited the post and put the link near the top of the article. Thanks it is much better.

    The joke for designers is that we get this comment all the time. Some clients are trying their best to get their brand in the face of as many people as they can. There are so many ways to bring attention to a brand without making the logo bigger. Usually this is asked for when there is little or no room. A small logo surrounded by nothing, in many cases can bring even more attention to it than just making it as big as possible.

    The logo should not be the point of most ads. The message and call to action is usually what is important. The Logo is a reference for you the target market. It is a contact point usually accompanied or followed by contact info. The end target should know who the brand is, but as designers we must remember to presented the point of the ad to the target market first.

    Mind you a full page ad with only a company logo could be a great way to brand. Address every issue and desired outcome individually.

    This is a big discussion and the video is just meant for a laugh. Please clients keep bringing on the questions, do not hesitate, I love to educate. Put the design in my hands and get some of your own time back.