Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Google Medical Contact

I heard about this a few years ago. Now I hope this means that it is closer to actually coming out. I love it, would use it and thanks to Google for innovating. It will be a hard fight to convince some of the pharmaceutical companies because it will take away the money they get from the current blood testing system. Link for the full article on googles blog.

I love medical advancement in tech. It just seems to move so slow even though it is moving much faster than in the past. Some other medical testing I heard about is a tattoo that can be read by a scanning device that will give medical readings back to a device or smart phone. I am not really a tattoo person but I do love some of the tattoo art that is out there. This would make me really think about a design if I needed it for medical benefits. As cool as this is, another advancement was that the tattoo would be clear or invisible. Either way very cool tech. Any medical tech that you know of on the horizon? Fill us in on any advancements you have an interest in. Add your thoughts to the comments. Look forward to hearing all about them.

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