Friday, February 14, 2014

Head of Heads Autodesk123D Featured.

I am on Autodesk's feature page. You can get many Autodesk123D apps now. I used different ones on iOS and I would think other operating systems would have them. Many even have a web interface for use on your desktop computer. Autodesk is innovating with lots of cool 3D apps. I have played with 123D Creature and 123D Sculpt on my iPad and they are a lot of fun. Simple tools. If you put the time and effort in you can create some cool models.

Then I cam across 123D Catch. It allows you to take multiple pictures of a subject making sure to include all the various angels. It is best if you have a complete record of the subject with many regular pictures. The app then takes the pictures and pieces them together into a 3D model you can rotate and look at from all the various angels. When you get to my Autodesk feature page, for some reason it compiled my model upside down. In the viewing window click the 3D button on the bottom left. Then in the upper right of the viewing window click the cube to navigate the 3D image. My image needs to be flipped so the part marked top becomes the bottom. Still pretty good for my first attempt. Now pan around the 3D model and have fun. Head on over, LOL, and take a look here Head of Heads Autodesk123D.

There are many things you can do to make the model better. One example is make sure your pictures have overlapping, duplicating parts of the image so the app can have a better idea of how to stitch them together. Try not to submit blurry pictures and make sure not to miss any parts of the subject. It took quite a while, hours, for the app to render my 3D test model, but it did really well considering this was my first attempt. With a tripod and better lighting I am sure it will do even better. My iPad's camera is not as good as my iPhone so I may use my iPhone on my next attempt. This will help even more.

Now my subject is a model I'm building in polymer clay. It is not done yet, it is an on and off project, and as you can see I have to add more little heads in the centre of the main head. Still I decided it would be a great test piece for 123D Catch. Have a look at my Head of Heads and thanks to Autodesk for picking me to be one of their features.

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