Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I found this floating around the internet and it just garbed my attention. I decided to make my own version of it. Hope you like.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Google Revers Image Search

It is interesting to see all the options in Google image search these days. One of the options is the revers image search that I find handy. Real world example is when a client sends you a image they grabbed from there own files that is a lower quality file. I drop this image into Google reverse image search and see all the various sizes and formats on the web. My client may or may not even know these formats or use cases exist. The client has provided me with the image so I am sure we have the rights to use it. I grab a hirer resolution image to use in print and email the client to confirm we have full user rights. I have a image to use while I wait for the clients feedback. I can continue to design with the image without slowing my progression. If needed I can swap a new proper formatted image when provided by the client. As my proofs get passed around they will look better at this stage. Often Google will provide an image that is of fine quality. It is a way to find what is on the web that we my not even have known was there. Old projects and information hangs around the internet for a long time. Now with Google reverse image search we can use this fact to our advantage.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wacom Tablet With Full Windows 8 + Stylus

I like the idea of this, especially if it uses Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to their full potential. Not a tablet version but the full Adobe apps. I'm a Mac platform guy but this makes me consider switching for my tablet if it is well implemented. Now I have heard rumours that Apple will be releasing a larger tablet, possibly a 13-15". I wonder if the product would run more feature rich versions of Adobe's current offerings on mobile. Possibly my dream could come true and it would run the full versions of many Adobe apps keeping most or all their rich features.

Perhaps I am over thinking this. If I want full Adobe products on mobile then maybe I should just get a MacBook or even MacBook Air. They are portable. With all the new tech getting our focus sometimes we forget that the current tech is still advancing. Laptop tech has come so far that often it is a persons main computer system, with no desktop computer necessary at all. I do like some of the new drawing features for use in conjunction with a touch interface. Touch is the main feature of tablets and makes me still longing for a tablet solution. Currently I have an iPad 4, that I do enjoy using all kinds of graphic apps on. See my other post on my love of Adobe Ideas on iPad.

I'm always hoping for more, I guess. What are you thoughts? What mobile setup are you using and longing for? Leave a comment and let us know any of your thoughts and ideas on mobile art, graphic production.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Prosthetic Hand That Can Feel

This is so interesting. This article is an amazing read. It is about a robotic hand that attaches to an arm, including the nerve endings, so the user can feel the sensational feedback from the attached hand. This will prevent the user applying to much pressure and crushing items, or to little pressure and dropping them. This really is amazing.

Let's add to these ideas and get into the discussion of robot parts becoming people. Eventually we may be just a brain in a complete robot body, a world where people rarely die. Good timing on this as the big block buster movie re-make of RoboCop was released just a few weeks ago. The linked article does not go this far. It speaks in the here and now or not so far off future. It does let our minds speculate on a world where we keep replacing our damaged organic parts for robotic ones. Is this a place you would want to live in? If you had a loved one that was in an