Friday, February 17, 2012

Adobe subscriptions...

Ideas on subscriptions and software. This is specifically in regards to adobe products but applies to all software and subscriptions.

I like the idea of subscription. I do worry about multiple licensing hindering work flow even in a small office. Apple apps are now able to install in up to 5 devices. This model seems easy to understand and use. Also the price seems large. Much lower pricing would bring in more people and then more money on the whole. Music has benefited greatly from the 99¢ a track not $25 an album. Subscription music services are also even cheaper for the companies entire library. Lowering this price would make it be much more reasonably obtainable. I believe more profitable. See pirating will always be. If you make a great product, convenient and cheep, piracy is lowered. Apple did this with one click download and install. Apple did this for apps and for music and now they are working this model into books of all kinds. Easy cheep convenient makes a no brainier. Look at one of the largest companies in the world and get inspired. Healthy companies inspire greatness.