Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hackapalooza - Ladies Learning Code

Spent Saturday at hackapalooza an event with Ladies Learning Code. This is my third time mentoring at Ladies Learning Code in Toronto. They are an organization that is supporting the development of women in the tech industry. I’m mentoring on the graphic side and learning a lot about coding. I am even stepping in with some code help when needed. Mostly I am the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop guy. I try and squeeze InDesign into the conversations when I can, usually I am mentoring in a design and graphics capacity. Saturday was a great day of a two day event. Many students had great questions. Thanks for keeping us mentors working hard. Thanks to all the mentors for working together and helping the ladies learn new things. Even the mentors learn some new things at theses events so they are good all around gatherings. I had a great Saturday, and wish I was there Sunday. I am sure it was just as good. To everyone at the event remember you can contact me with any graphic questions, I am happy to help.

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