Saturday, June 28, 2014

BMTV-001 Illustrator CC Pencil Tool

This is my first try at using Google Hangout to make a video and share my graphic design and illustration tips and tricks. BMTV-E001. This time it is about Adobe Illustrator CC Pencil Tool. I even show a great way to manipulate fully rendered objects on the fly with a single path. 

Over the years I have watched many training videos on how to use the tools that illustrators and graphic designers use everyday. I find it humbling to realize that now I am starting to make these videos and show everyone that is eager to learn. 

I also am still watching and learning all the time. The software, and even tradition techniques, are always changing. I watch many different podcast on how to achieve greatness with these programs. A few years ago I got an apple TV and it has links to apple iTunes podcast as well as the wealth of show on youtube and vimeo. I love them all. 

Also over the years I have taken classes and watched many paid video selections. Some are accredited teaching institutions and others are online training of the same caliber. The point is to always keep learning and growing with your creative knowledge and skills in the software of your choice. There was a saying that went something like. You can learn Photoshop in a day but it takes a lifetime to master. Of course you can swap out Photoshop for your favourite software and it still probably rings true. Remember to learn the basics and then add on as your experience grows.

Creating projects to help you push yourself to learn an aspect of the project will keep your skill set growing. Track down a lesson like this, or a paid lesson plan, and get to know a part that will make your project better. Over time and many projects you will be making your own videos to train others. 

Contact me with any questions. I may even make another video out of your question. Also feel free to check out everything I am involved with at Hope this helps. Enjoy.

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