Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Job Of Freelancing

I have many years as an Illustrator and graphic designer. I have worked freelance and day jobs. All have pros and cons. The way we work is changing all the time. Some industries faster than others. A day job has its benefits, literally. As a freelancer we must market and find ways to keep ourself maintaining work. We all must work with great companies that use services to find great designers. Recently I have been promoting my freelance business more. Including my connected group of creatives with I’ve looked at a lot of places that many online sites just promote for the common low price sales pitch. For the client and the designer this a lose lose situation. We get what we pay for. That does not mean shelling out loads of cash to get your project done. It does mean looking for a skilled professional to achieve what you are looking for.

Now I have come across, Toptal Freelance Visual Designers Network. They do exactly this. They screen all the designers in their repertoire. They do not allow just anyone to sign up to get a shot at working on a project. The really do look and vet all their employees. I can know that I am working with a certain standard of designers. It is great that I know companies they work with would be of a similar high standard. can help with finding long term work and this also interest me. As a creative I am always open to many kinds of positions and new ways of working excite me. They seem to be looking for the best fit for their client and designer. It is not like playing the marketing lottery with them. I just began the process at I believe that they will be doing great things matching me with my next great position and more.

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