Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ladies Learning Code Photoshop

Volunteered for Ladies Learning Code Photoshop in Toronto. This is part of Learning Labs. This section finds that most of the tech industry is dominated by men and they want to get women involved. So they made courses for women to learn with instructors and mentor driven classes. I had lots of fun meeting new people and mentoring ladies with the Photoshop basics. Thanks for the experience. Thanks to all the ladies who came out. Thanks to all the mentors for a great day. The experience for me was great. I like to train people in tech along with creative ideas including graphic design. Most of the time it is with Adobe products, including Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. It is fun and exciting to see the progression from a junior understanding to a more advanced one. Even the ladies at this event, most learning Photoshop for the first time, have great new unseen perspectives on how to do things. It is fun to see their eyes light up as they see the potential of what they can do. I also find it important to let them know that there are many ways to accomplish a task and in many case there is no wrong way. The truth is there are standard practises in the industry that work best. Thinking outside the box and finding how to do things a faster better way is great. This is how I continually analyze most of my projects. When starting out it is best to learn the fundamentals and the standards to produce great creative the way it is intended. Thanks again to everyone involved.

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