Friday, February 17, 2012

Adobe subscriptions...

Ideas on subscriptions and software. This is specifically in regards to adobe products but applies to all software and subscriptions.

I like the idea of subscription. I do worry about multiple licensing hindering work flow even in a small office. Apple apps are now able to install in up to 5 devices. This model seems easy to understand and use. Also the price seems large. Much lower pricing would bring in more people and then more money on the whole. Music has benefited greatly from the 99¢ a track not $25 an album. Subscription music services are also even cheaper for the companies entire library. Lowering this price would make it be much more reasonably obtainable. I believe more profitable. See pirating will always be. If you make a great product, convenient and cheep, piracy is lowered. Apple did this with one click download and install. Apple did this for apps and for music and now they are working this model into books of all kinds. Easy cheep convenient makes a no brainier. Look at one of the largest companies in the world and get inspired. Healthy companies inspire greatness.

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  1. I wanted to update everyone. I am now a Creative Cloud (CC) member. I have been for some time now. I do love the service. I feel some in the community are hard on Adobe with the way they are now making the suite available. IT DOES NOT include everything Adobe makes. This is misleading in some sites and even Adobe's early days of marketing. It does include many great products in the digital, print and video industries. They are adding new products all the time. It is better to have an ongoing expense rather than every 1 - 3 years have to try and convince management that it is worth the upgrade. This also keeps everyone on the same playing field so in time when 90% of users have moved to CC, or moved on to other products, Adobe can focus on CC. They will not have to keep maintaining support for every customer that is on a different version. Even point releases sort of become irrelevant because as updates come in everyone is on the same system. Makes support much easier.

    With all this being said I do think the original post is valid. I also feel that we could have some kind of a loyalty discount. Say 2 year 20% off and 3 year 30% off and 4 year 40% off. This would keep subscribers committed as they would not want to loose the discount. Not saying this will be perfect, but it is a start to an idea that could support the loyal customer. It could give back the old discount to upgrade system. If you use Adobe products on a weekly bases it is a must have. I use them daily so for me it is great. I love experimenting with new features and pushing my creativity. Thanks for reading, please comment. I am interested in the communities constructive input.